To herald the projects of 2016, this idea was rolled out on National Libraries Day, Saturday February 6th with a donation of over 1,000 books for the launch. Each book carries a sticker on the front cover inviting people to donate just £1 via the phone text PING65£1 to 70070 each time the book changes hands. With the longevity enjoyed by hardcopy hopefully it will be a soft way of fundraising and spreading the Word quite literally. 
As the books circulate in PING! perpetuity throughout the Country and beyond, the potential is phenomenal. 
At the very least the profile of MSF is raised each time a book is passed round, while optimistically one pound is also raised each time. 

Such potential of PING! Is eyewatering!! Again, it is all about that PING! pyramid!!

If you would like to get involved and sticker your own books you can download the Word doc. The format is 18 to a page to fit Avery L7161.

I am still trying to make that link....sorry! 



Alongside PING! The Just Giving Jam Jars were born.
A fantastic fundraising idea, (thanks Ollie!), which developed into the delivery of over 30 Jars to local shops and businesses to be filled with £1 coins throughout the 15 days Dare! 


The tennant of not spending money to raise it remaining firmly adhered to! The ensuing success was built upon in the following Christmas, rolling out nearly triple the number of Jars raising over £600. 

Just one vein in a body of PING! Projects reaching arterially throughout the Country from a throbbing heart in Woodbridge!
If only one of these projects was replicated in each County a cracking sum multiplied by 86 would be achieved each time in Great Britain alone..!! Can you just imagine?!

For all those wanting to set up their own Jam Jar collection in their own Town, there are directions for super simple assembly should you need it, on!

Jam jar.... clean and sparkly
Greased proof paper....6" round
Red Wool.....3-4` length
¼ A4 sheet PING! Card
MSF laminated or stickytaped strip
Cut 6ish inch diameter circles of greaseproof paper.
Slice a slot in the middle with sharp knife (Border this on what will be the underside with stickytape)
Cut wool into roughly 3 to 4 foot lengths.
Take a PING! card and cut selotape to width
Place stickytape widthways across the bottom end of the card, facing up, half on half off, leaving off half free to fold over to back.
Turn taped card over and lie a piece of wool along base on sticky side of tape. Fold tape up and stick to back, sealing wool along base of card.
Find a friend and place circle of paper over top jar, slot in middle, with tape underside
Friend attaches card with wool firmly into the rim.
Tie knot and leave ends free for securing jar later.Tape a MSF slip across the front just below level of paper frill. Either laminate these slips or use stickytape to seal. 

 The success of the Christmas Jars was enhanced by one lovely lady in Stowemarket who was inspired to save all her 5ps in a jar!


Current #lastroundpoundforpoverty jars being checked off by QC!



It is the young, upcoming generation who will be the proponents of and MSF of tomorrow…. 

With them in mind, a book series "PING! And PIP" has been crafted and is undergoing feedback from readers and MSF before committing to hard and or e-copy. 

 Along with an ever ready supply of Custard Creams, their adventures will explore all the different remits of Medecins Sans Frontiers, hoping to educate, inspire and excite.

There is a planned first read with Pip herself at Woodbridge Library TBC.