March 28th and the Dawn of the new Dodecagon pound coin
Donate yours now! text PING65£1 to 70070
Donate your first Dodecagon 


#lastroundpoundforpoverty goes live! 

Safe in the hands of Patron Sir Ranulph Fiennes! 


Based on the impending introduction of the new dodecagon pound coin at the start of the New Year, an "Invitation to the Nation" will be extended!

That everyone donates their last ROUND POUND towards the Inflatable Hospital for MSF, now affectionately known as P-Ingeborg the Inflatable!




 VIRTUAL VENTURE:   Launching March 28th 2017

It turns out the earth, is 25,000 miles round, (give or take a mile).Converting these miles into money, by way of a Virtual Venture, presents an opportunity for £25,000 to be raised, virtually cost free!
Business and companies are being invited to sponsor this expedition to the PING! princely sum of one ROUND POUND a mile!

Promises of £250 will be entered into a draw the triumphant ticket will guarantee sole advertising rights on the successful invention chosen to undertake the Actual Adventure in September,

 A schools competition for the design of said invention,
the"PING!tastic PEDALMAJIG", was launched with the help of local press and radio.


I have the utter thrill of announcing that Heather Phillipson winner of the next coveted space on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square judged this competition. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/jan/19/fourth-plinth-shortlist-trafalgar-square-winged-bull


WINNER: Emily, Benjamin Britten Academy of Music and Mathematics 



 2nd Place Joseph, Kyson



 It was decided the Pedalmajig real would pose a genuine hazard for motorists and creating an accident on behalf of MSF would NOT be the ONE! So I was lent "Trevor" a diamond of a Team GB Triathlon Bike by the immensely generous spirited Aimee Canham and on Monday August 21st 2017 undertook the 250 miles as a solo, non-stop, unaided by technology, Challenge! I am very happy to say that although Trevor suffered a gear shear after 90 miles we carried on regardless and made it in 27 hours riding time 32 on the road! Adventures were had for sure..not least being held up at gunpoint....


To cover the real mileage aROUND the globe for MSF, three ROUND World Triathlons, representing the three broad reaches of MSF are underway! Very simply you are all invited to "donate" any distances you swim, run/walk, bike or all three, indoors or out!!
Just post your miles directly to my FB page, or by messaging, https://www.facebook.com/mandy.hearle.9  
I will post a monthly update towards the totals needed.....EVERY mile will count be you young or old,on a stroll or marathon, to ensure the enterprise will actually cover the 25,000 that circle the world! PLEASE get posting now!!



The now famous "Just Giving Jam Jars" have been rolled out to the local shops and businesses aROUND Woodbridge and the 5th Woodbridge SeaScouts as part of PING`S! ongoing FUNdraising along with a challenge to anyone to see how many last ROUND POUND coins they can cram into a jam jar by the Autumn finale, collected through their own individual and imaginative moneymaking ideas.


More for fun, a Baton or PING!Stick is going to attempt an aROUND  the World relay. Initially being set-off by Sam and Henry of Kathmandu-it  http://www.kathmandu-it.uk  on May 14th at the Woodbridge 10k, it will continue being passed hand to hand round the globe as a real time symbol for the Virtual Venture, this making an Actual circumnavigation and raising awareness on its voyage.
More exciting PING! potential as international contributions will be encouraged to a "StickMSelFie" Facebook first!


From aROUND the TOWN to aROUND the WORLD!

The very first PING!STICK PASS!
Sam Crimp hands over to Beccy Wilson

If the #PINGSTICK is handed to you, please...
pass on aROUND the World!
Take a picture of the hand over and post on
as well as your own Facebook page
You can even tweet if you do https://twitter.com/MandyforMSF
Thank you!


 Beccy Wilson hands over to Andrea Grebenar in Nice


Andrea Grebenar hands over to Sabine Kock in Vienna.

During the phase-out whilst Jam Jars are filled and all manner of ROUND POUND fundraising by sponsors and individuals alike is inspired, the PING!tastic  Pedalmajig will be assembled, "scrapheap challenge style", ready for the Actual Adventure...


ACTUAL ADVENTURE:   September 2017 ( Date TBC)

It turns out that Suffolk is 250 miles round (give or take a mile)
An expedition of the boundary will provide, through glorious coincidence, a mirror for the Virtual Venture`s circumnavigation.

 A *SG will launch this Actual Adventure which will be made on the PING!tastic PEDALMAJIG and may even continue to accompany me, travelling as PING!, round the border of the county. Date TBC

Any and all enthusiastic supporters will be welcomed to participate and donate along the journey, which, by including the main towns will enable connections to be made with schools, sponsors and backers alike.

The Culmination will be a most marvellous PING!tabulous Party on October 8th to which everyone will be invited. All the PEDALMAJIG design entries and supporting companies will be exhibited and a representative of MSF will personally visit to explain the work done by Doctors without Borders supporting and saving the lives of the most vulnerable people round the world.

Finally all the monies collected will be deposited at the Woodbridge branch of Barclays Bank by October 15th, signifying both the end of the project and the very


Not only will the county sponsorship secure in total a pledge of £25,000, but the Jam Jars, texting link and collections en-route will ensure a swelling of this sum. When embraced by the whole Country, we really will be making Miles of Money for MSF.

 *Surprise Guests of exciting esteem are currently being secured!

 I am completely honoured to end by saying that the supreme explorer and absolute hero of expeditions round the world,

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has given his patronage to




Texting £1 by phone - message PING65£1 to 70070
Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mandyforMSF
Follow it all..... https://www.facebook.com/mandy.hearle.9
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MandyforMSF



An invitation to Tim Peake to Tea,buns and his medal! TBC



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