MP14 was a testament to Poppy, elder daughter of a close friend, who had tragically died at the age of 19 following an allergic reaction leading to asphyxia. She had dreamt of working for Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors without Borders once she graduated. 
With regret, I have no such aspirational medical background on which to draw, simply a desire to realise my privilege and good fortune as a British citizen and thus help those less fortunate for no reason other than the lottery of birth. Holding a firm belief that Religion and the Politics of greed and corruption are the main source of shameful Worldwide poverty and cruelty, I wholly support MSF with its own mandate of neutrality, independence and impartiality. http://www.msf.org.uk
They daily have more courage in their little finger than I fear I could summon up in a lifetime..to wit, I found myself wishing I had done something useful with my life! 
The best way I can now, is the best way I can! 
 At that time a Just Giving site was set up along with a £1 phone text available, raising over £15,500 in total. The facebook page is still live for those fancying a trip down memory lane underMission Possible 2014 although archived at the end of the challenge and year.






 Lastly, but most certainly not leastly, are all those fab friends who unwaveringly and uncomplainingly assist, attend and aid at every event! 
I thank you all every day in every way... 
The famous 5 of MP14 remain written into history, Marcie Harvey, George aka Elizabeth Berry, Eileen O`Connor and the irrepressible Biscuit and last but above description Gerry Spiller, insanely staunch supporter, Puppeteer, photographer, and patcher upper at every turn!

Followers all, both Real and Virtual, especially Sue, Jane and Phil.
As well as many of the Great & Good of Woodbridge,
Mike and Jill and all the family at Barretts who endlessly boost with support both emotional and actual!
Jon at Jewsons for always ensuring projects materially succeed
John, at the Ink Cartridge Station, for endless print jobs, large and small. Tom Potter, EADT, consistently counted on for literally spreading the word. 
BBC Radio Suffolk for often airing our ideas and apart from Pip, the one real Big Cheese, Sophie Neville, who not only supported with utmost generosity but gave to my mind the utterly immortal headline which still makes me chuckle every time, and rather beautifully takes us back to the beginPing!